• Appetizers

    • Pork Gyoza


      Pork dumplings served pan seared or fried. Served with ponzu.

    • Grilled Avocado Boats

      Grilled Avocado Boats


      Grilled avocado, cut in half and stuffed with your choice of chicken or tofu; topped with mango salsa.  Choice of grilled steak, seared tuna or grilled shrimp add $2.00.

    • Edamame



      Steamed edamame with a touch of sesame oil, and sea salt. Served with ponzu. Half portion $4.50, Make it spicy for $.75.

    • Miso Soup


      Tofu, scallions & seaweed in Miso broth

    • Vegetable Tempura


      Asparagus, sweet potato, and eggplant lightly battered. Served with a tempura dipping sauce.

    • Shrimp Tempura


      Shrimp lightly battered and served with tempura dipping sauce.

    • Capresso Boats


      Grilled avocado, cut in half and stuffed with mozzarella pearls, tomatoes, basil and olive oil.

    • Spring Rolls

      Spring Rolls


      Served over nappa and red cabbage. Served with sweet Thai chill sauce.

    • Mussels


      One dozen mussels, steamed in garlic white wine sauce.

    • Krab Rangoons

      Krab Rangoons


      Wantons stuffed with scallions, cream cheese, fresh krab. Served with strawberry mint puree.

    • Wonton Tuna Tartare


      Pan seared Ahi tuna in wonton shells. Topped with spicy mango salsa.

    • Chips and Salsa

      Chips and Salsa


      Mango salsa served with wanton chips.

    • 5 Spice Calamari


      Fried and served over bed of arugula with a touch of sesame oil. Served with sweet Thai chili sauce.

    • Pan Seared Scallops


      Pan seared scallops in sweet Thai chili and garlic butter.

    • Lettuce Wraps

      Tofu $13.00

      Ground chicken, shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts, carrots and scallions. Topped with sesame seeds and served with Ponzu sauce.